Isn't this the go and create the most amazing event or experience and what do people say or more importantly share?...a shot of their shrimp cocktail or view from their hotel room darn it!  Or worse yet, you spend a small fortune on a crew of video/film "arteeests" to produce a piece that you won't see for a month...which is waaaay past the "I care" and relevancy, time-frame of your attendees and senior mgmt!

Here's a semi-obvious secret,...your guests want it...and they want it NOW!  Oh, and if you are good enough, they will be so busy in the experience to do a nice post of what's happening, and will for sure forget to throw in your brand as a thank you!

The award winning captures your event and experiences, creates a short story (video), and strategically shares it NOWWHILE the event is happening, WHILE it is relevant, WHEN people want it!  

You see we feel (and know) that if you make something so cool, so fun, so informative, so easy to share, so NOW, people will boast and post all you feed them! uses FAA

approved aerial rigs (if you must use the D word...Drones,) wicked cool

Hollywood-style cameras, and brings in the ultimate live news editing

ninjas that will even impress the AV guys you've used for years. makes sure your event is told and shared

immediately and effectively.

*note this isn't all "flash in the pan, nothing up my sleeve" uses BUZZcontrol to quantify and qualify

this impact and ensures in real time we are delivering the

right content, to the right people, on the right network

...we swerve in real time!

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