The majority of services, enhancements, additions, and partners you involve with your events have no proof of their impact or value...there’s not even a metric to measure their success.....just account execs head bobbing and saying they are doing a good job and everyone thinks the logo they put on your lanyards or the stage they made looks awwwwesome...I promise!


So you're left with extracting senior management opinions or worse yet looking at bogus post event surveys weeks/months after the event with obviously no opportunity to respond in real time and in the end a very loosey goosey basis to build on. begins with a quick simple strategy meeting to make sure your team and senior management are set up with a plan...there’s a novel concept.  They then run with it leaving you busy with the job you already have.  Using the now patented BUZZcontrol, gives you up to the minute updates as the event is happening so you can respond in real time and look genius.  But most importantly, post event, compiles a beautiful BUZZreport which gives you hard metrics and benchmarks the success and impact achieved (in other words PROOF) and becomes the standard for all events going forward....ultimately raising your rock-star status as an event wizard. 

*Seriously, this is how it plays out every time!

that's what they said!

"You’ve redefined on site photography. It’s abundantly clear how much pride you take in your work, and it’s evident in everything you do."

" is the company I turn to when I want to impactfully engage social media and create a measurable ROI for my clients."

"There is one firm that stands above all of them for deep insight, practical, value driven results, and programs that decision makers understand."

" is the very best at actually delivering on the promise of the social platforms as a business tool."

" is always on the cutting edge delivering the "what's new and next" raising the bar for exeperiences year after year."

"I’ve had the opportunity to work with multiple photography companies  on programs and you are in a class of your own."

"I would highly recommend to anyone looking for cutting edge and innovative ways to engage their audiences."

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