- Avg 26+ photos per day​

- Check social every 5.5 minutes

- Are very FOMO

- Connect with only a few on site

- Want to brag/boast to other attendees

brands & events

- Can't share "experiences" publicly

- Not a part of guest experiences

- Need more meaningful connections

- Have no control of what's being shared

- Are missing out on guest created content

Screen Shot 2021-11-03 at 4.42.08 PM.png

capture the experience

Guests have their own unique experiences at your event which they capture.  The PRIVATE SOCIAL NETWORK is a moderated, private social network that allows users to meaningfully connect with others, share their special moments and relive their experiences all while giving the brand complete control of the content and engagement.

FOMO! - Like other social networks guests must stay connected to make sure they are taking advantage of all experiences you have designed. A remote event concierge monitors all posts and organizes the photos into galleries and creates a multi-media show for you to wow attendees with on the final night.

The corporate compliant, live moderated, PRIVATE SOCIAL NETWORK

captures, shares and connects all the experiences at your event!

press to zoom

press to zoom

press to zoom
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C A P T U R E  -  S H A R E  -  C O N N E C T


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Guests connect, comment, and upload their experiences. Remote event concierges manage the entire experience and make sure all content is event friendly.

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Use the network as an open channel to share event related info or engage in conversation and polling. Guests stay connected more than an app due to FOMO.

Screen Shot 2021-10-19 at 10.45.33 AM.png


A highlight show can be prepared from posts for your final night. Enhance the experience with couples and award shots, prints, kiosks, videos and onsite production.

Perhaps you are wondering what do a bunch of nerds at a creative house know about social media?  Good, let's talk about our qualification and knowledge.  


white patent.png

In 1998 our techs built and patented the technology to put audio/video on the web.  In 2001 we launched the Digital Event Experience (digital production) for corporate events. In 2008 we developed the technology and the platform for which we hold the patent, for social engagement for events.  In 2012 we developed the process and systems to shoot, edit, and share content in real time for events.  In 2014 our founder set up the social engagement strategy for the President of France for his campaign and the upcoming EuroCup and provided social guidance during a major crisis for the country.  That same year he also developed the social engagement strategy for NATO for the World Climate Conference.  In 2018 the nerds created an experience using the world's most advanced artificially intelligent robot, Sophia, to engage audiences which shattered all previous engagement metrics for trades hows and events by 500%.  In 2021 after listening to the constraints of corporations and needs of attendees this same tech team developed, launched, and now manages the PRIVATE SOCIAL NETWORK.  This team of nerds has been named the most innovative company in the industry two times by Fast Company Magazine and Seth Godin.  In other words, been there, done that, we got your back!