digital event experiences

Professional, corporate sensitive, socially enabled, worry-free, hi quality photography.


Literally, the first teams in corporate events to use digital cameras in 2001, our teams have been around the world again and again capturing exotic locales, amazing guest experiences, special award evenings, aerial group shots, and heartfelt couples portraits, instantly enhancing and making them available for guests to print, post, and share, with over 30 different products and services. 


If the plan has been to trust a friend

of the CEO or hope a local supplier

will know how to do it right, be on

time, and won’t be a liability...let ease your mind and

make you look like a genius and

your mgmt. and guests feel like

the superstars they are!  


There’s a reason we’ve won award

after award and been voted best in

the industry, several times! 

have you ever been to?

"It ain't braggin' if you done it!"  Let's face it, anyone can take a picture, but you're looking for the sure thing, the team that's been there, done that, knows how to do it, that you don't need to babysit!  And with that, the toughest part, figuring out how to get crew and gear in and out of all these places...good news is we have decades of experience making that happen!  All of our crew and gear is inspected, insured, bonded, carneted, and is fitted in TSA approved international travel cases stacked in the studio ready to go!

*Some of the locales we've visited once or four times in the last couple of years!  :)

robots and stuff!

Aren't the offices upstairs always asking for "new, innovative, game changing, effective ways to engage attendees?"


So shows up at your event and sets up BEAM camp and gets all the robots and telepresence'metry* setup and working perfectly.   

*yes, we made that word up

Now, BIG boss can BEAM in and have extremely personal one on one conversations with employees, customers, and guests in the booth, from his office...or better yet his hotel room from across the planet!  Did we mention he/she, the company, even YOU, will look genius, cutting edge, savvy.


Or maybe, it's that subject matter expert or celebrity that you really wanted to be a part of a panel or be a special guest.


Or maybe it's the ultimate engaging, brand focused, host greeting everyone and posing for all those selfies.

YES, yes...we hate to brag, but yeah, it was a BEAM in the Oval Office with POTUS, & beaming Mr Branson all over the place, and on all the TV shows...shoot, now we are blushing...just watch the video above!

360° video & virtual reality

Oh yeah…everyone needs 360* virtual reality…even if your execs don’t know what it is…they want it!  It’s the hottest trending add for any event says every magazine and top ten list!  Like every offering, it’s not the product or technology, it’s the CONFIDENCE and proven success you are looking for.'s VR crew doesn’t just know how to do this, they are pioneers in the field, making and advancing the technology and equipment in this constantly

evolving world.  So whether it’s a crazy cool experience in a booth,

a product release, or an awesome attendee attention grabber at an

event, the team has got you covered. 


As always, we’ll start by helping you design a strategy and goals,

capture the content…even fly a 360° camera on our drones, edit

the content, and activate the experience on site with virtual reality

goggles or better yet a 360° theater. 


Oh…it’s definitely cool and it is sure to make YOU and your ideas

the talk of the event!

interactive audience

For years we have been guests, fans, and attendees at special performances or events.  An amazing show happens on stage, yet we are left in the dark watching and listening.  


NOW turns the audience into part of the experience!  No more watching, YOU are now the show!

Of course it's great at your concerts and evening parties, but you wont believe the BIG koombayah moment that will occur when you do this in your general session.  BUZZlights can make your most dry melba toast product announcements electric.


Yes we can brand them, yes we have beach balls, yes we can do 100 people or 100,000 people, yes that was us at the Super Bowl, or the Music Awards, or concert, or that electronic dance music rave we saw you sweatin at!

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