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These days there is so much being said about your event WHILE your event is happening that can be super useful in the success and live operation and execution of the event!  Why wait 2 weeks for a survey to know how you did?'s social engagement team will create and develop a strategy, setup and manage all accounts, create content, educate and engage guests in very fun


unique ways, filter/moderate posts, and

finally provide fantastic metrics and

proof of the impact and success making

you look like a rockstar and the

boardroom, bean counters, and legal

department very happy!


Of course you have a social media

team, but you dont have a 100% event

focused engagement team.  Your social,

marketing, pr, advertising gurus will be

stoked to see engagement specialists on site engaging audiences like never before! (making them look good btw)


What else you say?  How's about multiplying your audience by 40-1,000x!  Quick do the ROI on the cost of your event over those number of mentions! 

Did we mention the #1 you will hire us... IMAGE?  Think how amazing YOU, the brand, senior management, and the event will look engaged in the conversation...seriously your back is

going to hurt from all the pats!  


Again this isn't just's BUZZcontrol will provide you with stellar 

metrics during and post event to PROVE the impact and success you achieve.

Sound too good to be true, dont want to be a ghuinea pig?  There's a reason you are

where you are at!....don't worry,you'll be happy to know we’ve been engaging the biggest brands and events in the world since 2009.  


In fact, we are so deep in this for the event world, that we hold the Patent for managing social media around events!  At this point in Texas we say SCOREBOARD!


We know you have a Gen Z social media team for the brand, and a marketing/PR/advertising/outreach agency for every heartbeat in the company…but who does events?  Who understands and is making you successful not for the month or year, but for the few days your event happens…like NOW?


In our short strategy workshop, real world EVENT engagement pros will help you (and your senior execs) understand how you can be super successful and create the perfect plan and goals.  This isn’t text book preaching but based on what is working NOW for events from the smallest exclusive board meeting to the largest global events that have occurred in the last decade.  Without a plan or goal…whatever will happen. 


Is whatever OK for you?

If you are like every other company, organziation, or association you are being asked to find a technologist, a futurist, a practitioner of cool and wow...someone who can "fisher price" and explain this every changing technology and social media world we live in.  


Our CEO (chief experience officer) Sam Stanton has spoken all over the world for every industry you can think of on what all this stuff is, how it affects our everyday lives, but most importantly, how we can simply and easily harness it to our advantage.  You are guaranteed to walk away from his fun fast moving presentations a lot smarter and have much more confidence when these subjects arise.  


Popular topics as of late:  Your Digital Reputation & Why It Matters - Drones, A Whole New World/View - Social Media, How To Engage.  

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