digital event experiences

Professional, corporate sensitive, worry-free, hi quality photography and video.


Literally, the first teams in corporate events to use digital cameras in 2001, our teams have been around the world again and again capturing exotic locales, amazing guest experiences, special award evenings, aerial group shots, and heartfelt couples portraits, instantly enhancing and making them available for guests to print, post, and share, with over 30 different products and services. 


If the plan has been to trust a friend

of the CEO or hope a local supplier

will know how to do it right, be on

time, and won’t be a liability...let ease your mind and

make you look like a genius and

your mgmt. and guests feel like

the superstars they are!  


There’s a reason we’ve won award

after award and been voted best in

the industry, several times! 

*hey this is from 2004, but it still speaks exactly to what we do for events!


Isn't this the go and create the most amazing event or experience and what do people say or more importantly share?  A darn shot of their shrimp cocktail or a view from their hotel room darn it!  Or you spend a small fortune on a local crew of video/film "arteeests" to produce a piece that you don't see for a month...which is waaaay past the "I care" and relevancy, time-frame of your attendees and senior mgmt!

Here's a semi-obvious secret,...your guests want it...and they want it NOW!  Oh, and if you are good enough, they will be so busy in the experience to do a nice post of what's happening, and will for sure, forget to throw in your brand as a thank you!

The award winning captures your event and 

experiences, creates short stories (video), and strategically shares

it NOWWHILE the event is happening, WHILE it is relevant, WHEN

people want it! uses wicked cool Hollywood-style

cameras, and brings in the ultimate live news editing ninjas that will

even impress the AV guys you've used for years

Maybe it's still imagery you're after (photos).  Well that's how this whole thing 

started!  Let's be sure to highlight priorities, on-time (which is 10 mins early),

dressed appropriately, personable, understand they are shooting the experience,

not partaking in it....oh yeah, and take phenomenal photos!  Every shoot includes

content managers who edit every image to make sure all eyes are open, all skies are blue, and

everyone looks like a million bucks!  The content managers also immediately turn all the images around and place them on the private custom branded photo site, print beautiful photos, create highlight shows, manage kiosks, and help execs and guests with all their photo questions!

Raising the bar a little further and totally taking in to account the currently frenzied selfie "I want to include my photos for everyone!", we have built our own YouShoot Photo Website which allows guests to contribute (after moderation), favorite, share, all their photos along with the professional captured and edited images.

Post event many clients make beautiful, hefty, handmade photo-books, each highly personalized for EACH qualifier on the program.  You know, the high quality stuff they are sure to brag with! makes sure your event is told and shared immediately and effectively.